Welcome to SUN - Sustainable Urban Nutrition!

Welcome to the SUN Website! Based in Perth Western Australia.

SUN: Sustainable Urban Nutrition - the intensive local conversion of green waste into food.

SUN uses vermiculture (worms) and compost methods to convert 'waste' such as lawn clippings into biologically active soils in which food is grown.

SUN project aims:

  1. reduce both food and waste miles
  2. provide fresh food to needy people (we already supply Foodbank WA)
  3. be an observable example of sustainable living.

SUN takes a resource which society presently pays to waste and converts it into the 3rd most essential need for life : food. The food presently goes to needy people via Foodbank WA. When the SUN project gathers more momentum the produce will go equally to Foodbank, SUN workers/supporters and sales.