SUN update

The compost from the Como Bowling Club worm farm has been removed and used to :
1. Mulch the garden beds, citrus trees and passionfruit there.
2. Create a large compost heap at 188 Canning Highway (you can see it from the Hway as you drive past)
3. Fill the SUN worm farm at Murdoch Uni
4. Some in my ute going to establish a vegy garden for committee member and Aboriginal muso and artist Lois Olney
5. One of the bowls club members has some in his home garden.
6. Trials on the lawn and greens at the Bowls Club.

There was approximately 8m3 of compost.
Now that the worm farm is empty, we are finishing the construction.
We didn't have enough baths to complete it so we filled it with the backlog of lawn clippings at the club and let them compost.