About SUN

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  • City of South Perth Mayor, Sue Doherty
Founder and Chairperson
  • John McBain Bachelor of Commerce, UWA (retired Biodynamic orchardist and farmer, WA representative Australian City Farm and Community Garden Network)
Deputy Chair person
  • Thom Scott (Past City Farm Manager, Director Men of the Trees, Social enterprise consultant)
  • Christina Ballew (Sustainability professional)
  • Paul Winfield (Financial consultant)
Committee members
  • Les Calcraft JP (retired Director Foodbank WA), 
  • Greg Smith (Planner)
  • Lois Olney (Aboriginal artist, musician, actress and consultant)
  • Brice Canaud (Solar designer),
  • Robin Scott (Murdoch Community Garden President)
  • Nathan Blessing (Grounds management professional)

In action now

  • SUN's office and experimental gardens are located at 188 Canning Highway in South Perth, a property owned by the Western Australian Planning Commission. Note : Our gardens are fallow over the summer period.
  • SUN systems are presently being installed at the Murdoch Community Garden within Murdoch University's Environmental Technology Centre.
  • SUN worm farm is presently being installed at the Como Bowling Club and Recreation Centre.

In planning now

  • SUN compost process and worm farm integrated with irrigation prototypes will be constructed on a privately owned property in picturesque Rosa Glen, near Margaret River.
  • A sustainable SUN food garden is being planned for Lois Olney's Homeswest property in Beaconsfield. Although disabled, Lois is a fantastic and enthusiastic cook and is passionate about affordable fresh food as a way of lessening health gaps amongst her peoples.
  • SUN has a number of sites in urban, regional and remote Western Australia where we will be expect to be implementing SUN methods, including some well known SW horticultural enterprises.

Commercial activities

  • Economic viability is a key component of sustainability and an economic offshoot of SUN is essential in integrating the attributes of commercial horticulture and community gardens.
Haywood Farm
  • We are in the process of establishing Haywood Farm which will hold the commercial rights of our unique processes and designs.
  • We attracted our first seed capitalist in December 2013 and will seek further investors when Haywood Farm is established.
  • Haywood was the christian name of John's maternal grandfather and 'Haywood' is an agricultural analogy for the necessary balance between development (Hay) and nature (Wood). 
In addition to our non-profit activities, SUN and Haywood Farm presently offer:
  • Commercial sale, installation and/or management of gardens and worm farms.
  • Sustainable design consultancy.
  • Workshops on sustainability, food security, food and health, urban food production, social enterprise, integrated design and the SUN system.
SUN welcomes participation in a number of voluntary activities including media, design, construction, worm farming, gardening, harvesting, packing, delivery and value adding. These opportunities will initially be available in urban and regional locations. As the commercial enterprise develops we will be seeking both employees and investors and offering training. Please register your interest on our contact page.